Internet trolls are not taking it easy on Prof Audrey Gadzekpo over her serial interviews promoting the right of LGBTQI minorities in Ghana with one troller calling her out as a fat ugly Lesbian leading foolish academics on a crusade.

Prof Audrey Gadzekpo speaks on behalf of a group called Coalition of Professors, Legal Minds and Human Rights Activists on the Anti-LGBTQ Bill which includes members such as Lawyer Akoto Ampaw, Professor Emeritus Takyiwa Manu, Professor Kwame Karikari, Professor Kofi Gyanta, Professor Kofi Gyima Boadu, Dr Rose Mensah kiting, Dr Yao Graham, Professor Dzodzi Tsikata, Professor H. Kwesi Prempah, Mr Kwes Adu Amankwa (TUC), Dr Kojo Asante, Mr Kinsely offer Nkansah, Mr Akunu Dake, Mr Tetteh Hormeku Adjei, Professor Raymond Atuguba, Dr Charles Wireku Brobby, Dr Joseph Asunka and Nana Agyeman Asante.

Prof. Audrey Gadzekpo was attacked after she explained the position of the group on Citi TV..

Some of the comments were taken down by Facebook with the authors protesting strongly after they were issued strikes.

Some of the comments were deemed against Facebook community standards under the Ghanaweb Facebook page, the comments were transferred to the internet. is unable to publish the screenshots that includes the names of the authors and several other Anti-LGBTQI comments due to the sensitive nature of the topic.

“This ugly batch is a lesbian who has been hiding her stupid nefarious activities till date. We know her involvement with ursula. This useless government is sharing monies to idiots like this to assist the west agenda. They hv all been given $5m dollars. But we will deal with each of them over the media kwaasiafuor GYIMIIII”

“They (lecturers) are the ones destroying sanctity of societies across the globe. The liberal way of looking at things, enacting laws to support utter stupidity, all in the of greater freedom for mankind to indulge in all kind sins. I’m not surprised in the least, they fighting the course of their master the devil without knowing it.”

“That’s my concern too. These foolish academics have been quiet about unarmed protestors been murdered by the state, increasing crime, corruption etc but are supporting nonsense. GH is highly indebted so the west see this as an opportunity to manipulate our leaders, with the allure of money, to allow such practices openly.”

This uncouth fat woman with that unnatural breast is a disgrace to womanhood. Look at it! The more I tried not to waste my time of these things, the more am compelled to respond to them. How much have you people received from those less animals. Woman, nobody cares if you decide to have sex with even dogs but what Ghanaians will not accept from a smelling woman like you, is to tell them to do the same thing. With what Akufo Addo is doing with these homosexual things, my family and I will hence forth, resign our membership from the NPP, even if the bill goes through parliament successfully. A few pervasive and mentally deranged people cannot take money from a few equally deranged Whites, and force their pervasive behaviour on the entire nation. Who told you people that such barbaric acts is embraced in the whole of Europe? Who told you idiots that what is good for a handful of lunatics in the West, is good for Ghanaians. This thing too is a lecturer!

They are doing everything possible to make sure LGBTQ is legalised in Ghana and majority of them are LGBTQ Professors in our universities training our children no wonder Ghana is not producing critical Thinkers from our universities to develop this country


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