Member of Parliament for Wa West constituency who doubles as a Member of Parliament’s Defence and Interior Committee, Hon Peter Lanchene toobu, has rubbished government’s plans to buy a new presidential jet because of the existing claims that the current Presidential Jet, the Falcon 900, is faulty.

The Wa West lawmaker believes that the idea of purchasing a new Presidential Jet in this period where many Ghanaians are going through a lot of challenges because of the bad nature of the economy is in itself an insult to Ghanaians.

According to him, the president has been flying around the world needlessly and comes home with nothing, so there is no need to waste huge sums of taxpayers money on a new presidential jet.

He stated that the security of the President is only paramount because Ghanaians feel that he ought to provide the necessary leadership that will benefit every Ghanaian and make them feel like people of substance.

He believes that considering the current state of the Ghanaian economy, a new Presidential Jet is not supposed to be the topmost priority of government.

“I always believe in people justifying things. It is not about coming to tell me that we need about 500 million dollars to go and buy a brand new presidential jet which is fit for purpose. What is that purpose? Sometimes we fly around the world needlessly and come home with nothing.”




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