The Executive Director for Alliance for Social Equity and Public Accountability (ASEPA) Mr. Mensah Thompson, has shared his view on the recent call to bring back Mrs. Nana Konadu Agyemang-Rawlings into the NDC.

According to him “before the NDC delves into this passionate appeal by the highly respected Dr.Zenator, it is important that one simple question is answered dispassionately!”

This question, he noted is whether Mrs. Rawlings will return to the NDC as the prodigal mother, the founder’s prodigal wife or the prodigal godmother?

He believes that there is nothing wrong with the return of Konadu into the NDC if the leadership wants that ti happen.

Below is his full write up;


I have seen the video of the passionate appeal by Dr. Zenator Rawlings urging the rank and file of the NDC to accept her mother Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings back into the NDC.

Before the NDC delves into this passionate appeal by the highly respected Dr. Zenator, it is important that one simple question is answered dispassionately!

Firstly, Nana Konadu is returning to the NDC as what??? The prodigal mother? The founder’s prodigal wife? The prodigal godmother?
What exactly is she returning as?

What about the Party she founded to subtly undermine the electoral fortunes of the NDC? Does the Party remain disbanded?

What about the pepper mouth propagandists like Dela Coffie and co she nurtured to be hurling insults on John Mahama 24/7, is she going to stand them down as well??

What about her formidable alliances with the current government?
Is she disposing off those alliances ASAP?

As a political strategist, I certainly do not see any problem with the return of Madam Konadu, if the NDC wants to accept her back, that’s solely the choice of the leadership of the Party.

However certain underlying issues must be looked at critically and full blown strategy with conditions must go into this.

Secondly, what led the former First Lady to abandon the Party she founded with her husband and to do everything possible to ensure that that Party lost Political Power?

Has she abandoned those ambitions?

If people feel that the absence of President Rawlings has created a great void which needs to be filled, Konadu is not the best candidate if you ask me, especially now.

Everything Konadu has done in the latter part of her years had awfully undermined the legacy of the very person she is seeking to fill his void today.

Dr.Zenator must understand that she is highly respected and espouses the principles of her father much more than her “run-away” mother and if there is anyone to uphold the legacy of her father in the NDC, it is her Zenator herself and not her mother.

Unless what she is advocating for her mother is a ceremonial “old lady” role which doesn’t involve any form of consultation on important party issues, then there should be no qualms because that’s the best she deserves!

I am not being mean, neither do I hate Madam Konadu, I am only rehashing the expression you can’t eat your cake and have it and Mama Konadu cannot obviously be an exception to this important idiomatic expression.



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