Mr Mathias Tulasi, the Chief Executive Officer of Literacy Ambassadors Ghana (LAG), a non-governmental literacy organisation, has said Prof. Stephen Adei is insensitive to the plight of Ghanaian workers.

Mr Tulasi, was reacting to the latest comment made by Prof. Adei regarding the paltry 4% salary increment given to Ghanaian workers.
Prof. Adei said Ghanaian workers do not deserve the 4% percent salary increment.

According to Mr. Tulasi, Prof Stephen Adei, in recent times has taken a very hypocritical posture towards issues affecting this country although he has benefited immensely from the resources of the country having served in several portfolios within the government. 

He continued to state that Prof. Adei has become very selective on national issues and always attacking Ghanaian workers. 

The outspoken professor who spoke on Class FM said that public sector workers did not deserve any salary increment at all due to the impact of the COVID-19 on the Ghanaian economy.

In a quick rebuttal, however, Mr. Tulasi quizzed, “Didn’t he know, we were in crisis before he laid off the staff of the Ghana Christian International High School in the wake of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic?”

The infuriated literacy advocate continued, “The all-knowing Prof. couldn’t advise H.E Nana Addo to stop increasing fuel prices, tariffs, taxes, etc because of the crisis so he has no right to speak about the paltry 4% salary increment for public sector workers”.

It is very clear, Prof. Stephen Adei is living on a different planet and not in Ghana. 

He should leave his comfort zone and travel around the country and see for himself the hardship and penury Ghanaians are going through in recent times before making such uninformed statements on salary matters. 

A few weeks ago, there were reports of HE Nana Addo spending outrageous sums on private jets for his travels coupled with the recent decision to purchase a new presidential jet.

Surprisingly, Prof Stephen Adei has not seen the need to add his voice to this conversation rather he had the effrontery to talk about the paltry 4% salary increment given to Ghanaian workers.

He should understand that the 4% salary increment is even an insult to Ghanaian workers so he shouldn’t add insult to injury by his statement and that Ghanaian workers are equally not in agreement of the 7% salary increment for next year, Mr. Tulasi said.

The literacy advocate concluded by saying that if at age 73, what Prof Stephen Adei can do best is to attack Ghanaian workers unnecessarily because he is enjoying about four portfolios in the current  government, then he is obviously a self-seeking greedy old man.



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