A local governance expert, Mr. James Gunu has condemned what he terms “widespread government engineered coup d’état in the MMDCEs confirmation” across the country.

According to the former DCE for Akatsi North in the Volta Region, government is taking local governance and decentralization back to the PNDC days when no approval was required under PNDC law 207 of 1988.

According to him, “the development is very alarming and a dent on our local governance, decentralization, rule of law and democracy.”

Mr. Gunu said, even though he saw it coming, he did not anticipate that it will happen to this extent.

Consistent with Mr. Gunu’s argument, InsiderGH.com has come across the official sheet for the Declaration of Results for the Municipal Chief Executive Committee for Bibiani-Anhwiaso-Bekwai in the Western North Region of Ghana.

Out of the 52 members of the assembly who were supposed to vote, only 19 of them were given the opportunity to vote in the confirmation of the President’s nominee, Hon. Alfred Amoah.

All the 19 which got the chance to cast their votes, voted YES to confirm the President’s nominee as the new MCE for the area.

According to our sources, the rest 33, who were allegedly prevented from casting their votes were suspected to be against Hon. Alfred Amoah, the President’s nominee.

There has been several cases of this “widespread government engineered coup” nationwide to the extent of assembly members been assaulted, with some others receiving death threats.

“Assin South is another typical example where assembly members who felt victims vent their anger in diverse ways including traditional rituals and curses on the culprits,” Mr. Gunu noted.

According to him the revocation of appointment of government appointees to the assemblies was very common and expected.

“The NPP Volta Regional Chairman, Makafui Wornyah and Samuel Petit Haliga, NPP chairman for Ketu South and Presiding Member of the Ketu South Municipal Assembly were some of the casualties of this revocation'” he stated.

In the case of Anyaa Sowutoum, Chaos ensued during the election to confirm or reject Mr Mohammed Bashiru, the president’s nominee for the Chief Executive position for the Ga Central Municipal Assembly.

In the ensuing melee, some supporters of the nominee hurled insults at the assembly members and accused them of being ungrateful while others started heckling the Presiding Member, Mr George Nana Adu Darko.

A similar situation occurred during the confirmation of the President’s Mayor nominee for Cape Coast, Mr. Ernest Arthur. The election was however embroiled with a lot of controversies and allegations of ballot staffing.

The exercise was characterized by a lot of confusion as some assembly members with dissenting views indicated that there were irregularities that needed to be addressed.

During the counting, a misunderstanding ensued between the assembly members over what they described as “stuffing of the ballot box with additional papers by the some officials”.

However, Mr. Gunu believes that something urgert must be done about this new “Rambo style” endorsement of MMDCEs.

Source: InsiderGH.com


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