The Minority Group has once again reiterated their commitment to exploring lawful and democratic means to ensure that the Akufo-Addo-led New Patriotic Party administration drops the controversial E-levy.

In a press release sighted by, the Minority Group noted that they have “demonstrated fidelity to the collective aspirations of the people of this country and most importantly to the constitution of the republic.”

According to them, “in commitment to these democratic tenets, the group on some occasions have been the subject of attacks by otherwise concerned members of its own political party. It is therefore without basis for anyone to suggest that this minority group seeks to obstruct government business at the least opportunity.”

“On the contrary, we have at every instance demonstrated commitment to good governance, the 1992 constitution and the standing orders of parliament. An objective overview of the group’s stance on the current budget amplifies our fidelity to the national interest,” the press release stated.

The release further disclosed that right after the Minister for Finance presented the government’s 2022 budget on behalf of the President, the minority group through its leadership indicated its opposition to aspects of the budget and called for a review, failure of which would compel the minority to reject the budget.

“Consistent with this call for a review which were not heeded to, the minority got the required votes to reject the budget policy on the 26th of November 2021,” they added.

According to them, though the Majority Group purportedly rescinded the earlier rejection of the 2022 Budget through an irregular and illegal procedure, they have made efforts to reverse such rape of the constitution and gross disrespect of parliament’s standing orders but their efforts were frustrated by an extremely partisan majority group and 1st Deputy Speaker.

“Nonetheless the Minority group’s action compelled an engagement with the finance minister who have since made all concessions but one(The Killer E-Levy) on behalf of the President. He has written officially to parliament to modify the initial budget statement to reflect these concessions.”

“Taking into consideration these concessions and modifications to the 2022 Budget Statement and Economic Policy, the Minority have since examined the sector ministries estimates, but remain vehemently opposed to that which the government remains adamant to withdraw, the killer E-Levy of 1.75%, which undoubtedly will subject Ghanaians to immense financial pressure and further thwart our nation’s ease of doing business and digitization drive. The Appropriation Bill for 2021 to cater for ordinary government business for 2022 has just been passed. The killer E-Levy bill has yet to be considered by Parliament. For the avoidance of doubt the Minority continues its opposition to the e-levy,” the statement disclosed.

According to them, they “remain committed to exploring lawful and democratic means of getting the government to abandon this insensitive, obnoxious and regressive tax. Absolutely nothing can be more Ghanaian and progressive at this stage, than a demand that Government consider the economic challenges of the ordinary Ghanaian in rolling out taxes.”



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