The General Secretary of the University of Ghana chapter of UTAG, Prof. Ransford Gyampo, has revealed that UTAG has suspended it’s nationwide strike for a just a month.

According to him, they are suspending the strike for just a month and are likely to suspend teaching when government fails to meet their demands during the one month period.

Below is his full write-up;

  1. We have SUSPENDED our strike and teaching begins on Monday. It was extremely difficult but we managed to convince our members to agree to suspend the strike for just one month. Our NEC decided but the members had the right to approve or reject that decision and truly, they were going to reject the decision. We practically had to appeal to them to ease up and go negotiate. Their intransigence was understandable because, they’ve been disrespected and mistreated for far too long. Their basic salary is a pittance and does not depict their role as PRODUCERS OF NATION BUILDERS
  2. Whether the strike action, which has temporarily been suspended, will be resumed or called off completely, is dependent on what happens during the one month period of negotiation, starting from Monday 23rd August, 2021. I expect honesty, mutual respect, candor, empathy, responsiveness and problem solving attitude, to characterize the negotiation. There should be no room for tricks, lies, and deceit. Representatives of University Teachers must not act out of synch with their constituents. They must at all times directly mirror the views of their constituents in this matter.
  3. The Ministers for Education, Employment, National Security and the Vice President have shown enough leadership behind the scenes, in pushing for the suspension of the strike. I respectfully wish to urge them to take keen interest in the one month negotiation period and ensure that all stakeholders, but particularly, my people (University Teachers), come out satisfied and smiling. Else, a more deadly strike that elicits support from all labor unions in Ghana would hit all of us. The current crop of UTAG leadership emerging (including my good self) are more socialized in the dogmas of mobilization and they know how to make an establishment ungovernable when necessary, to restore social equilibrium. But we do not need to get there. So, over to you, all duty-bearers in this one month period of negotiation.
  4. Let me once again counsel government to begin to rethink the discrimination imposed by article 71 of the 1992 Constitution that grants juicy conditions of service to a few people, with relatively low educational background, and ignores all other Public Servants who are given pittance every month, and whose deaths are hastened every year, for poor pension they receive on retirement. For, politicians and all other article 71 Office Holders would from now onwards, know no peace, so long as they continue to enjoy fat salaries whiles the rest of the population wallow in poverty. They cannot continue to tell us to tighten our belts, whiles they eat good food to protrude their tummies and loosen their belts. If there is no money, we must all suffer. If there is money, it must be equitably distributed. This is one key way to consolidate our peace and stability for development.



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