Twenty-six members of the Cape Coast Metropolitan Assembly (CCMA) have revealed that they are getting threats after reportedly returning the GH500 ‘gift’ to the twice-rejected mayor nominee.

The Assembly members claim they were offered the money and transportation as a present in exchange for their time to vote to approve Ernest Arthur, the President’s nominee for the metropolitan, Ernest Arthur, but they began getting insults and threats from unknown individuals.

Mr. Arthur, the incumbent, was twice rejected by Assembly members, despite the Central Regional going on her knees to plead for a favorable outcome.

At a news conference on Thursday, October 7, the 26 assembly members stated that they had returned the money to the ‘failed’ mayor in order to salvage their reputation.

On 3FM’s Sunrise with Alfred Nene Ocansey on Friday, Usman Abbam Egyin, a spokesperson for concerned Assembly members, noted that “the assembly includes 45 elected members and 25 appointments, making 70 members.”

“31 responded, but 26 returned the money as of the press conference,” he stated when they chose to return the money.

“We received threats and insults from the people of Cape Coast, which is why we returned the money,” Mr. Egyin explained, “since the people felt we were accepting the ‘present’ and voted for him [Mr. Ernest Arthur].”

“Whether we have threat concerns or not, we have returned it, so no one should tell us that we took money if he wins on Monday.”

When asked about the threats, Mr. Egyin said, “There were threats of insults.” We have seen that you do not respect the people of Cape Coast…they do not want to witness the ecstasy of violence that defined the area during the 2020 election, therefore we have returned it, and they should let us alone. That’s the end of it.”

“We are showing clearly to the people of Cape Coast that nobody can buy us.”

Mr. Abbam Egyin responded to rumors that the Member of Parliament for Cape Coast South Constituency, Kweku Ricketts-Haggan, persuaded certain Assembly members to vote against Mr. Arthur since Mr. Arthur ran against him in the 2020 elections, saying “it’s false. It’s untrue. He did not give us any money. They are speculations if they say he gave us money to vote against the Mayor nominee”.



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