The University of Ghana chapter of the Volta Region Students’ Association (VORSA), has planned a demonstration to register their displeasure over the long standing discrimination towards Ewes and the use of various tools to propagate such tribalistic innuendos.

There has been wild circulation of certain GES approved Textbooks that insinuated that Ewes are discriminatory, juju men among others.

The distribution and usage of these books has generated general dissatisfaction among the entire Ewe population. Most of them believe that there’s a calculated agenda to paint Ewes black.

Speaking in an interview with the Editor of, the President of VORSAG-UG, Mr. Daniel Walters Abusah, expressed his disappointment over how the Ghana Education Service (GES) could approve such Textbooks for use in our schools.

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According to Mr. Abusah, their “decision to go on the demonstration is informed largely by the inconvenience created by the publishers of the Textbooks towards the integrity of the entire Ewe community.”

He went ahead to state that the publication and usage of such Textbooks in our schools “is a way to institutionalize the already widespread discrimination against Ewes, which will cost a lot of miseducation to the students and misrepresent the Ewe tribe as people who discriminate and do juju.”

According to him, they will mobilize tomorrow, March 15, 2021, and move to the publishers of the books to demand the burning of the yet to be distributed Textbooks containing these tribal biases. He also noted that, they will petition the publishers to find a way of withdrawing the already distributed books from the system.

According to him, they will move to the office of the Ghana Education Service to present a petition and register their displeasure.

They will however round up the day with a press conference. He encouraged all students in the Volta Region to rise up against the usage of such books in Ghana’s educational curriculum.



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