Mr Kabinda Kalimina, a news anchor working with one of the TV stations in Zambia has shocked viewers after demanding for the payment of his salary and that of his colleagues while giving a live news report.

Mr. Kabinda Kalimina who works with KBN TV, veered off the script to ask management to pay their owed salaries.

He made the disclosure shortly after giving a roundup of the top stories during a live broadcast.

Kabinda said; “Away from the news, ladies and gentlemen, we are human beings. We have to get paid. Unfortunately, on KBN we haven’t been paid. People are getting instruments on KBN…Sharon and everyone else haven’t been paid, including myself . We have to get paid.”

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In reaction to the incident, the management of the TV station says that the presenter has brought the station to disrepute.

They further described the incident as an exhibition of “druken behavior” on the side if the presenter.

According to Mr. Kennedy Mambwe, the owner and chief executive officer of KBN TV, management is investigating how Kalimina found himself on air on Saturday night.

Mambwe also indicated that anyone who had assisted Kalimina in his “outrageous stunt” would face disciplinary action.

Below is the video;



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