Former Executive Director of Danquah Institute, Mr. Richard Ahiagbah, believes that no country in the world can exclude itself from the issues of LGBTQI.

According to him, the whole world is boxed in the issue of LGBTQI because the United Nations is at the heart of it and has been strongly pushing for countries across the globe to legalize it.

He stressed that, considering the overwhelming momentum the LGBTQI issue has gathered across the world, no one country can stop it.

Mr. Ahiagbah noted that, the UN holds the view that where culture is at variance with the rights of people [gay rights], human rights must be prioritize to culture.

He suggested that if it is possible, Ghanaians should be given the chance to vote on the issue, rather than allowing Parliament to take the decision on their behalf.

According to him, if the citizens are given the chance to vote on the LGBTQI issue, they will surely vote to reject the legalization of the activities of LGBTQI in the country.

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