The man accused of being involved in the murder of investigative journalist Ahmed Suale has responded to the accusations.

Speaking in a Facebook Live video, Mr Harris Ansu Gyeabour said he is an Oil and Gas trader who cannot “even kill a fowl”.

In an at-times foul-mouthed rant, Mr Gyeabour said the persons who linked him to the murder after an interview by the MP for Assin Central, Mr Kennedy Agyapong on Monday are very lazy.

He said the connection was made by a news portal because in January 2020 the Police published a notice which had his photograph and name as a person wanted for “defrauding by false pretences”.

He added that the news portal that first run the story has apologised to him and published a retraction.

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“All those who know me know that I can’t even kill a fowl. Ahmed Suale? I don’t know him. I trade oil and gas. I am an oil and gas trader. I have nothing like no relationship with any media because oil and gas is not tomato that we advertise. We don’t even advertise. I don’t know who Ahmed is.” he said in the Livestream (below).

“My picture is all over the place that I killed [Ahmed Hussein-Suale]. What if the family of Ahmed [Hussein-Suale] meet me somewhere and they stab me. What will happen? What have you achieved? I have three children. Is it not stupid?” he stated in a video.

Mr Gyeabour said he found it curious that although he is not the only person named ‘Ansu Gyeabour’ in Ghana, persons chose to link him to the murder, indicating that he had made a complaint to the Cybercrime Unit of the Ghana Police Service.

In a television interview with Adinkra TV in New York, on Monday [May 24, 2021], Mr Agyapong said the suspect was a resident in the Ashanti Region.

He asked the security agencies to pick him up as part of their investigations into the case.

Mr Agyapong himself has been named as a suspect in the case.

Before Suale’s death, Mr Agyapong, in various television and radio interviews had issued threats to expose journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas, with whom the late Ahmed Suale worked with.

Anas Aremeyaw Anas per his modus operandi has always appeared in public with his face covered but Mr Agyapong in a campaign insisted on exposing him and his modus operandi including his team members from TigereyePI.

The undercover investigator and a key member of Anas Aremeyaw Anas’ TigereyePI team, Ahmed Hussein Suale was shot dead in January 2019 unidentified men who were reportedly riding a motorbike.

He was shot three times; twice in the chest and another in the neck while driving to his Madina residence.

There has been no prosecution since Suale’s murder two years ago.

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