Former Deputy Minister for Communications and Digitalisation, Victoria Lakshmi Hamah, has made a suggestion as to what the government must do in order to curb the very disturbing menace of teenage pregnancy.

According to the data from the Ghana Health Service (GHS), in 2020 alone, nearly 301 girls were impregnated every day in Ghana while 13 teenage pregnancies recorded every one hour.

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According to the GHS, Ghana recorded a total of 109888 teen pregnancies with the lowest girls to be put in the family way being ten-year-olds.

In reaction to this, the Former Deputy Minister believes that goverment must come in and put in place measures to tackle the situation that seems to be the “new cancer” spreading with speed throughout the nation.

She suggested that the government must consider the distribution of Free Condoms nationwide in order to curb the menace.



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