On Sunday, Sky News Australia revealed in its news the statement made by a news host, Chris Smith. In an interview, Chris Smith told Sky News correspondent that one of the ways through which the war against Ukraine can be immediately stopped is if Vladimir Putin is removed from office by his generals or the people.

He however added that that is an impossible move because Putin has control of Russia and he is heavily guarded by powerful security personnel who would do everything to secure him and protect him from being attacked.

The announcement was made barely 24 hours after Vladimir Putin threatened to strike western conveys that provide military aid and weapons to Ukrainian troops. NATO chief has however responded to the threat and warned that Putin would have himself to blame if it attacks any property or region owned by NATO allies.

Reacting to the report, some individuals have provided solutions on how the war in Ukraine can be stopped.

Jacob ” When you have half the story you will come up with the wrong conclusions. War is like cancer. You can cut it out (bomb it), use radiation (ground warfare), and chemo (nuclear), BUT until you remedy the actual CAUSE of it, you will never be rid of it. ”

Robert ” There goes any credibility you ever had. You of all people should know to do your research & look at both sides, particularly in this instance but then again you are paid to be a talking puppet by the real criminals trying to destroy the world. ”

Harrison ” One Ukraine I understand is not a sovereign country, I say that’ s why they not saying invasion. And not defending russen but you talk about lies, it comes from all sides. Like, it was the USA a few days ago in a senior board stating there are bio labs in Ukraine and they are funding them and concerned the information getting into russen hand but you say the opposite. All lies. ”

David ” Or here’ s an easier idea. Zelensky just gives into Putin’ s pretty reasonable demands. Zelensky keeps his job, keeps the vast majority of Ukraine he’ s currently in control of today, and promises not to join NATO. Easy peasy, end of the war, no more deaths, end of the threat of WW3. That’ s what we should be pushing for. Putin is NOT going to give up on this. He absolutely can not allow Ukraine to join NATO, because they will immediately start building more missile bases along his border. ”

Wood ” Or if NATO and Ukraine commit to not installing missiles and weapons so close to Moscow (~700kNATO’ sATOs sole purpose for existence is to attack Russia. “


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