Columnist: Richard Kasu of CFF-Ghana

It is becoming increasingly difficult to comprehend the high rate of brutal killings in recent times in Ghana.

It is worth noting that between 2020 and 2021 alone, several citizens including an MP, students, academicians, children and so on and so forth have been gruesomely killed either through armed robbery operations, ritual murders, contract killings, and kidnappings among others. In fact, there is an anecdotal account of people who were killed by unknown assailants and hanged by the perpetrators of these heinous crimes in an attempt to cover the despicable crimes to escape justice.

Admittedly, there is crime everywhere in the world but the killings being experienced in Ghana today leaves much to be desired. It is getting very scary and the statistics is very staggering…A lot of Ghanaians cannot come to terms with the indiscriminate killings under the current democratic dispensation. There is fear everywhere and this should tell the nation, Ghana that all is not well regarding her human security. The earlier government rise to the occasion to protect its citizens the better.

The big question is why have we gotten here? Truth be told, we are here simply due to some of the following;

  1. High rate of unemployment
  2. Impunity
  3. Unprofessional security personnel
  4. Inadequate logistics for security services.
  5. Get rich-quick attitude on the part of some Ghanaians and foreigners.

While at it, I am by this message recommending the following remedial measures to address the scary insecurity situation in Ghana;

  1. Deliberate attempt should be made by government to provide descent jobs to the unemployed population
  2. . Government should initiate a national conversation on how to safeguard the security of citizens.
  3. The President should order the closure of all media houses promoting the activities or businesses of people who claim to be money doublers and what have you.
  4. The government should procure more logistics including sophisticated weapons and protective equipments for the security agencies to fight crime.
  5. CSOs and allied institutions should work collaboratively in the area of advocacy to influence policy direction for an effective security architecture of Ghana.
  6. Stiffer punishment for perpetrators without discrimination.

Richard Kasu

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