Exactly a year ago, you left your mortal body to your maker. Everything you stood for and that defined you continue to announce your life even after your demise.

The birth of our fourth Republican democracy stands out us your greatest legacies Ghana cannot forget.

Your voice was for the hopeless, the helpless and the voiceless. President Jerry John Rawlings, you gave us every reason to believe in Ghana. You were selfless, you stood for the masses.

The Nation will forever remember you for the mass electrification projects, the Technical Universities, University of Development Studies, the Regional Hospitals, the GETFUND, the Structural Ajustment Programs etc etc.

You gave birth to the NDC party on human centered principles; probity and accountability. Yes, we have the responsibility to keep you alive with these principles in mind and more importantly protecting our party with integrity and loyalty.

It is the only sure way Ghanaians will be redeemed from this economic mess we find ourselves in under a government that cares about nothing than themselves.

We live in a system where state institutions do not function to benefit the people but a political party in government. Social justice is a mirage today in Ghana, our Educational system and Health system are on their knees. We in the NDC believe in only one thing that will elogize you; standing for the principles that will give power back to the people.

His. Excellency, Jerry John Rawlings, continue to rest well.

By Communication Outfit
NDC – Hohoe Constituency


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