Many have wondered, why the mad rush for MMDCE positions and questioned its rippling effects on our local governance system. Ghana currently has a total of 260 MMDAs, 6 Metros, 109 Municipals, and 145 Districts.

Interestingly, a total of 1,036 persons including father, mother, and son in the case of Garu, have applied to be appointed as MMDCEs, translating to an average of 4 persons per MMDA.

Article 243 (3) of the 1992 constitution, and Section 20, Sub-section 1, of the Local Governance Act of 2016, Act 936, stipulate that, there shall be a District Chief Executive for each district appointed by the President with the prior approval of not less than two-thirds majority of the members of the district assembly present and voting at the meeting.

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It’s obvious that the hullabaloo associated with the selection of MMDCEs this time was not ordinary and needed further interrogation.

As a student of local governance, I took my time to observed the situation and have found out that, after all the impression created by the NPP in the selection process has rather exposed the government badly.

Here are my observations:

Diversionary: The process was used to divert public attention from the #FixTheCountry Movement. It was also aimed at diverting public attention from President Nana Addo and the NPP government’s failed 2016 manifesto promise of electing MMDCEs, 24 months after winning power.

The Party almost succeeded in making the people to believing that, the process was to get the best candidates elected instead of being appointed. So, they confusedly used words like candidates, contestants, etc.

High Unemployment Rate: The numbers have again exposed the current high rate of unemployment in the country. If not for unemployment, how can we have 1,036 people jostling for 260 positions?

Low Wages and Salaries: Also, those who have jobs but have applied to be MMDCEs would tell you that, their jobs are just not sustainable, and their corresponding salaries cannot take them home due to the current high cost of living in the country. Hence, their decision to apply for the position of MMDCEs though that office has no security of tenure but they believe things can get better for them.

Desire for Party Reward: It’s worth noting that, some of the prospective candidates or applicants believed they have served their party, the NPP enough and it was time the party rewarded them. The deserving spirited ones!

Admission: Few of them admit that the country is broke and needed to be fixed. Helping the corrupt and nepotic President to fix the country was the only way to save the next generation. It’s largely believed that President Nana Addo- Bawumia led NPP government is perforating the public purse contrary to their promise to protect the public purse.

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Opportunism: Opportunity to enrich one’s curriculum vitae (cv) and a bargaining chip for unknown future opportunities can not be ruled out.

Signs of The NPP’s End Times: Who takes over from President Akufo Addo? The role of MMDCEs is crucial in making sure that, President Nana Addo’s choice prevailed.

This development would lead to many things including some government appointees to the district assemblies falling casualties. Government appointees who are suspected to be against any MMDCE nominee would have his or her appointment revoked and replaced before the confirmation of the next batch of MMDCE nominees. Strict surveillance will be on all appointees towards the search for President Nana Addo’s Successor. Threats of Succession!
Interesting times ahead!

Columnist: Hon. James Gunu,

NDC Volta Regional Secretary


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