Some family members of the late Former President Jerry John Rawlings and some residents of Keta Dzelukope, the hometown of Rawlings, have expressed their disappointment over the burial arrangements of the former president.

In a Joy News report monitored by, many of the people questioned how it became possible for an Ewe chief (J. J. Rawlings) to be buried with customs of another ethnic group.

They also believe that this cannot happen in the Ashanti Region, for an Ashanti man who was enstooled as a chief to be buried miles away from his hometown.

The residents of his hometown thinks that it is not too late for the mortal remains of their late chief, Torgbui Nutifafa I (Jerry John Rawlings) to be brought home for all the required customary rites to be performed before his burial.

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The Agbotui family Spokesperson, who doubles as the Spokesperson for the Awormefia, Agbotadua Kumasa also expressed his disappointment. According to Agbotadua Kumasa, there are implications on what happened — that an Anlo chief (Rawlings) will die and the required rituals that are supposed to be performed were not done.

Agbotadua Kumasa also indicated the series of attacks on the Ewe culture, the first of which was the direct announcement of the death of an Ewe chief (Rawlings). According to him, the Ewe customs and traditions doesn’t allow such a thing to be done.

He further indicated that certain rites were supposed to be performed before the announcement.

Many of the residents think that the presence of the Awormefia at the funeral doesn’t solve the problem. They insist that Rawlings’ body must be brought home regardless. As reported yesterday by, the Anlo State is likely to organize a separate funeral for their departed chief.



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