Some personnel of the Ghana Police Service have on Saturday, 2nd January 2021 harassed Citi TV journalist, Umaru Sanda Amaru. The personnel, who were from the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) unit of the Ghana Police Service stopped Amadu Sanda’s car and demanded a search of his car for weapons and drug.

In a video sighted by Insider GH, the police were seen busily searching the car of the journalist. Before conducting a search on his car, the team decided to first search Amadu’s pockets. They commanded him to raise up his hands in order for the search to be conducted on him.

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They thoroughly searched him and found nothing, after which they moved to do same to his car. They thoroughly searched his car and later moved back to search that boot of the car.

Amidst tension, one of the officers angrily moved towards Umaru in an attempt to hit him. They also inspected his driver’s license. In the course of the search, the journalist decided to film what was going on and this got the police officers bored.

Checkout the video below;



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