Fort Prinzenstein is located at Keta, in the Volta Region of Ghana. It was used during the days of slave trade for several purposes. Many of such forts were built in Africa, but Prinzenstein is one of the few that lie east of the Volta River.

Keta served as an open port until the Tema Harbour commenced its operation to the west in 1962. The fort has been designated a World Heritage property, meaning it is a landmark or area with legal protection by an international convention administered by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

It was initially built by Danish traders in 1784 for defensive purposes after the Sagbadre War against the Anlo Ewe and to keep the area safe from other colonial powers. The majority of the materials, especially the stone used for the building of the fort, came from Accra.

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The fort is among the four major structures that were built by the Danish. 
The fort significantly played an important part in the slave trade, which involved Europeans in West Africa. 

Aside from the slave trade, the fort served an active purpose in the trade of imported and exported goods such as gold and ivory in a give-and-take for muskets, brandy, iron rods, textiles, cowries shells etc.

However, checks by‘s Volta Regional Correspondent reveals that the Fort is currently in a very deplorable state and needs urgent attention — the roof at some parts of the fort are nowhere to be found and other needed resources that are supposed to be in place to protect the valuable historical leftovers are also nowhere to be found.

According to Insidergh‘s Volta Regional Correspondent, the fort continues to lose its value and if the much needed renovation is not done in the shortest possible time, the situation will be worse in a shorter period than expected.

We are making plans to write to the Ghana Tourism Authority or generate funds from individuals donors across the world to help put the place in good shape and start attracting tourists to the Fort.

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Below are some pictures of the fort:


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