Professor Ransford Gyampo, a senior Lecturer at the Department of Political Science in the University of Ghana has expressed disappointment over the failure of Government to improve the conditions of service for Lecturers and civil servants.

According to him, it has always been the case that government lacks the financial capacity to improve conditions of service for Lecturers and civil servants but always manage to improve the conditions of service for politicians and Article 71 officeholders.

In a series of Facebook post, Prof Gyampo, who is also the General Secretary for the University of Ghana chapter of UTAG revealed how government has failed at properly negotiating with them as promised during their three weeks strike.

In these posts, Prof. Gyampo noted that the government and it’s officials are treating UTAG like a rag.

He also noted how nothing concrete has been achieved throughout the 1 month grace period UTAG gave government for negotiations on their condition of service.

“After practically begging us to suspend our strike and go negotiate for one month, this is how we’ve been treated. Let the good people of Ghana be judges in this matter as we begin the processes of deploying our mobilization strategies,” he stated.



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