The current vice president Dr Bawumia was very instrumental in the 2016 victory for Nana Akuffo Addo and NPP campaign with several negative tags on our then president H.E John Dramani Mahama, greatest of such, the ” Incompetent” tag and the ” economy”.

It was an open secret that Ghanaians thought NPP leadership then ,and now the government of Ghana would have done far better than John Mahama led government ,but it is far from the illusions. All the negative tags and promises of the NPP leadership led by Nana Addo with majority works done by Dr Bawumia have come to face them squarely today as the country is faced with astronomical increase in all goods and services, suffering in all areas of lives, psychological, physical and emotional trauma and collapsed cedi dollar rate.

Looking at the Economic lectures held by the Vice Président In Kasoa today, one would wonder where from the confidence, the emphasis and the exaggerations of figures to confusing the general public.

To be honest, the vice president is very good at giving inspired speeches full of jargons and emphasis to getting many still believing in him through role confusions since he has now turned into IT specialist .

With the above touted brand of eloquent speaking, emphatic citations of figures and policies, humourous gestures and above all linking his digitalization to the economic recovery policies, NDC must not sit down and think Ghanaians have seen and heard his several lies and jargons hence won’t take him serious again, but rather must expose him to the last ordinary Ghanaian in the rural areas. A lie severally told and held is believed to be true , especially when not tackled strongly with facts.

It is obvious the vice president will be leading NPP in 2024 , and the signs are very clear and true, NDC should take him on seriously with his repeated touted achievements, and the blame game comparisons with last NDC government. He promised heaven and Earth to turn around the economy, so it is highly appalling to hear him reference 2013-2016 in negatives but not the cedi Dollar ratio, cost of goods and services, and the hardships.

The battle line is openly drawn, and we shouldn’t hope on 8 years change of government,or the hardships in the country only, but must mark the lies, exaggerated figures and poor performing policies of this digitalisation drive .

Together, we rescue Ghana from this economic hardships and high cost of living.
Thank you.

By Bismark Kwabla Kpobi.
Branch Communication officer.


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