Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah, popularly known as Mzbel, is a Ghanaian Hiplife artist who is known for her controversial style of music. She celebrated her 41st birthday yesterday and as part of the celebration sends words of caution to all the young ladies in Ghana.

Not too long ago, news went viral that Mzbel’s adopted son has been taken away from her. The authenticity of the news has been doubted by many but the video made by Mzbel on her birthday clearly confirms that rumors that took the internet by storm days ago. Indeed two weeks ago, her adopted son has been taken away from her.

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According to her, though she is supposed to be happy because of her birthday, she is not really happy. This, she has attributed to what happened to her two weeks ago.

In the video sighted by the Entertainment Desk of, Mzbel expressed how broken her heart has become due to how they have taken the boy from her after all the investments she made in him. She thinks her heart will never get back to where it used to be.

She went ahead to advise young ladies never to abort their babies whenever they get pregnant. According to her, there’s no way anyone can make someone’s child his or her own. She believes that, if you haven’t been able to give birth to your own child and you get to a certain age, that’s when you will get to realize certain things.

According to her, she took John at the age of three and though many doesn’t believe that he is not her biological son, the fact still remains so. She complained bitterly about how she has taken care of him from three years till now that he is nineteen, and has completed Senior High School. She also talked about how she planned to send John to the university to learn IT.

What broke her heart the most is the fact that after all these years of sacrifice on John, his biological mother thinks she’s a bad person and came for him. According Mzbel the saddest part of all these is how John accepted to leave her.

The reason why John’s biological mother came for him is that people have been comparing John to her other three children and mostly laugh at her for her inability to take good care of her own child. She said she has treated John like her biological son but that wasn’t enough for him, and that ladies who are thinking of doing something like what she has done should think twice before they make the same mistake she placed herself in.

According to her, if any lady thinks she’s too old and cannot give birth, she should go to the orphanage to adopt a child that doesn’t have any mother of father. This according to her is because when you go for someone’s child, the person will come back for his/her child when you’re done investing in him or her.

This is the second time Mzbel is going through this. She once had one daughter called Ewura Adjoa. She took care of her till she completed university, after which she left.



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