Mumayyaz, an Islamic Humanitarian Organization, has outrightly dismissed attempts by people to justify the National Chief Imam’s donation towards the building of the National Cathedral.

According to the Organization, the gesture cannot be rationalized with the support of any quotation from the Quran and even the Hadith, which according to them are the most important books of reference that guide the lives of Moslems.

In an eight-paged press release, Mumayyaz Humanitarian and Philanthropic Organization detailed its reasons for the position it has taken.

The organization quoted judgements (fatwa) from prominent and renowned Islamic Scholars (Imam al-Subki, His Eminence Sheikh Imam Ibn Baz, etc) on the same subject. All such judgements were against the act of a Muslim donating or aiding in the building of a church.

Central to their submission was a reiteration of the Oneness of Allah which affirms monotheism as a cornerstone of the Islamic Faith. They referenced Quran 112:1, Quran 112:4, Quran 1:5 and Quran 5:72 in supporting that claim. They then drew attention to the fact that Islam is the only religion Allah accepts as Quran 3:19, Quran 3:52, Quran 10:72 and Quran 3:85 in their view posits.

The organization made it known that, Islam is a very tolerant and peaceful religion and respects the views of people belonging to other religious organizations and Islam allows for peaceful co-existence and extending help to disbelievers especially those that do not attack Islam referencing Quran 2:256, Quran 64:12 and Quran 60:8 in support.

They were however quick to add that such relations must not be one that suggests support for the worship of other gods beside Allah as that breaks the belief in monotheism. This clearly was what the Chief Imam was engaged in, according to them.

“Worshipping of any other god aside ALLAAH is highly frowned on per the very basic tenets of Islam. This is backed by Quran 3:85 and Quran 5:72. It then logically follows that those who worship other gods aside ALLAAH have committed and continue to commit sins. Quran 5:2 admonishes us not to help one another in sin and transgression. So, if Christians are sinning by worshipping other god than ALLAAH in churches, how then do a Muslim aid them to build same church?” – the Organization quizzes.

The organization led by Abdul Rahman Alidu (President) and Addo Abdul Hamid Armah (Secretary) was of the view that it is neither here nor there to attempt to equalize that Christians have extended such kindness towards Mosques. This according to them is because Quran 9:17-18 admonishes that Mosques should only be maintained by those who believe in Allah and not disbelievers.

Mumayyaz Humanitarian and Philanthropic Organization in concluding its press release quoted Quran 59:18 bringing to bare the fact that Allah is All-knowing and the need for Muslims to keep their duty to Him.

Below is the full Press Release;



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