The Army which was supposed to be loyal to its commander in chief in the West African nation of Guinea had on one Sunday declared that they have captured President Alpha Conde and dissolved the government,

Col Mamady Doumbouya, the head of Special Forces Group of Guinea National Army led the uprising and detained the President Alpha Conde.

Many took to the streets across Guinea to celebrate Sunday’s military takeover. Coup leader Lieutenant-Colonel Mamady Doumbouya claimed they have President Alpha Conde in custody.

The regional bloc body ECOWAS has condemned the coup and asked for the immediate return of democracy.

The president capture wasn’t easily captured until the coup team faced fierce resistance from his personal protection team.

Many Soldiers died during the coup in Guinea on that Sunday and some were young men who lost their lives in an attempt to protect President Alpha Conde. The young soldiers risked more than they bargained for.

Michel Lamah a special force and the man who arrested president Alpha Conde is a close and formidable combatant to Mamady Doumbouya but what is unique about him is his charm popularly referred to as ‘juju’ on the day of the coup used in capturing the 83 year old dictator.

Lamah is a special force soldier who was trained in Russia, France and other African countries. He underwent a special training as a special weapon attack team(SWAT) member and exhibited bravery during operation Delta storm.

The Guinea coup leader is only 41, and has two wives; a French and a German. When he went to State House to capture President Conde, he carried along his witchdoctor just in case Conde’s juju was unleashed on them.

In the photos which circulated online, the soldier was driving the former President and is the leading man who arrested the Guinean President. His African juju is believed intimated the president not to disappear.

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