Hon. Francis Xavier Sosu Member of Parliament for Madina through his initiative of the Madina Job Centre offered a free training program for youth in Madina. Training programs included Creative Computer literacy in graphic design, motion graphics and presentation skills

The graduation ceremony was organized on 17th April 2021 at the Information Communication Technology Centre in Pantang.

According to the MP Fifty (50) individuals who completed a four day program in master graphic design graduated.

The MP during the graduation thanked God for helping him to create an opportunity for the youth to have skill training which is key to development and enhancement of their ability to become self independent and professionals.

He congratulated the grandaunts for availing themselves to go through the training. Added that, the Madina Job Centre will support their business when they come out with one.

He expressed his appreciation to ZIMBA Media for their partnership to train the youth and look forward to have a long term partnership with them.

Naa Aklerh the CEO for Madina Job Centre stated that, the Madina Job Centre is a social enterprise and initiative by the MP to alleviate all forms and levels of poverty within the Madina Constituency by providing an opportunity for growth such as skill training, entrepreneurship training, and job placement. She indicated that, the Centre will be in constant communication with the grandaunts, support them to establish their business, train others as well, provide guidance for them and link them to job opportunity as well.

Naa mentioned that, the Centre is helping a lot of people in Madina.

The CEO of Zimba Media Dr. Yakubu Yussif stated that, this is the first time a Member of Parliament is offering such training to his constituents. He revealed that ZIMBA media is a branding company which has worked with the Ministry of Health (MOH) developing most of the COVID-19 education communication. Added they offer training in computer literacy in communities, thus in both rural and urban areas.

He applauded the MP for providing both physical and logistics support to the trainees for a sucessful program in computer literacy skills, graphic design, motion graphics and presentation skills which are needed in this time of COVID-19 era where a lot of people have lost thier jobs

Dr Yakubu Yussif mentioned that the grandaunts have obtained a quick cash training and most have started developing logos and designs to start their businesses. He opined that, if all MPs were doing same, Ghana will be a better place to be.

The beneficiaries expressed their gratitude to the MP for giving them such opportunity to learn a skill.

Source: InsiderGH.com

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