The Bono Regional Youth Organizer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Efo Worlanyo Tsekpo, has reacted to Railway Minister, John Peter Amewu’s advice to driver unions that they should consult Transport Minister before increasing transport fares.

According to Amewu, several factors, including global supply and demand of crude oil, are responsible for the hike in fuel prices and not the government.

His comment comes after members of the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) on Tuesday, November 23, 2021, tagged their vehicles with red bands as they urged the government to reduce fuel prices.

The drivers acted in compliance with a directive from their national leaders ahead of a possible strike over the cost of fuel.

The drivers threatened to ultimately increase transport fares if their concerns fell on deaf ears.

Reacting to the Minister’s appeal, Efo Worlanyo Tsekpo urged the Hohoe Lawmaker to leave the drivers alone.

According to him, Amewu too did not consult Parliament before extending electricity to Togo during his era as Energy Minister.

Arguing for the driver unions, Efo Worlanyo noted that just as the government and the Transport Minister do not consult the driver unions before increasing fuel prices, the driver unions too cannot be made to consult the government and the Transport Minister before increasing transport fares.

“What is wrong with Amewu?? When did the transport Minister consult drivers before increasing fuel prices?” he quizzed.

“I can see the gods of Hohoe and SALL are chasing him and making him talk nonsense for stealing the will of the people through gerrymandering. No wonder nowadays he speaks off track,” he stated in a Facebook post.

He asked Amewu to concentrate on the volume of promises he made to the people of Hohoe and stop talking about things that wouldn’t benefit the people he claims to represent.



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