Tema based Ghanaian rapper, Emmanuel Kwesi Danso Arthur Junior, better known as Kwesi Arthur, has finally replied his colleagues and critics of the Best Rapper of the Year award he won at the 2020 edition of the annual Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA).

Speaking in an interview monitored by www.insidergh.com on Okay Fm on Thursday, December 24, 2020, the rapper first took his time to thank all those who voted for him to win, and the organizers of the event.

After the 2020 VGMA, there emerged a lot of controversies and arguments on who truly deserved to be crowned the Best Rapper of the Year. Some of these controversies were sparked by some of his colleagues who were nominated in that same category with him.

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Other industry players and entertainment enthusiasts also had it that the year in review was for Medikal and for that matter, deserved to be crowned the Best Rapper of the Year, and not Kwesi Arthur. This view is based on the notion that Medikal did a lot of work within the year under review and played a lot of shows too as well.

Responding to these issues, Kwesi Arthur made it known that he heard and read all the post-VGMA controversies surrounding his award. According to him, he doesn’t have any problem with those who share the view that he did not deserve the award because as humans as we are, people always have things to say whenever things or events like this is organized.

He went ahead to cite the recent December elections as an instance. “Even the recent election, some people have the view that John Mahama was supposed to win, some even said Akua Donkor was the candidate who was supposed to win. People will always talk about you and what you are doing,” he stated.

He went ahead to say that, he has done a lot of work as far as the year under review is concerned so if the organizers and those who voted felt like he was the right person to win the award, then there should not be any problem with it.

According to him, everyone must believe in themselves and whatever they’re doing so he doesn’t have any problem with what some other artists who were nominated in the same category with him tweeted after the event. This, he said, is because they all believed in themselves and the music they are making, and for that matter are right to think that they deserve the Best Rapper of the Year award.

He made it known that he is currently focused on putting a lot of effort in his work so he can take his music to a level higher than where he is now.

He went ahead to also reveal what inspired him to do rap music. According to him, it was just one album he listened to that made him develop love for rap, and the said album was the reason why he devoted his time to study Hip Hop.

Source: www.insidergh.com

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