Kevin Taylor has blown the cover of Mr. Richard King Atikpo the Owner Ghanaian premier league side Legon Cities over his involvement in tax evasion actions among other shady deals.

Speaking on “With All Due Respect Extended Version” Kevin who did exposès on PDS, NDA, National Lotteries, NYA among others revealed that the rots ongoing at Ghana’s oil sector is so massive that, Ghana in return is losing billions of cedis to these cartels who are having government backings.

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Touching on the matter, Kevin Taylor Said Mr.Richard King Atikpo, the owner of Legon Cities also owns an oil Bulk Distribution Company(BDC) known as Lemla also owns an Oil marketing company known as Gulf Energy.

Modus Operandi Of Their Illegal Dealings

Explaining into details, Mr Taylor who is based in Washington said, Gulf energy as an Oil Marketing Company (OMC) is supposed to have fuel stations or other third party stations which will buy from them after they have also bought the refined crude oils from the BDC.

What Mr.Atikpo and his cartel however does is his OMC(Gufl Energy) buys from his BDC(Lemla) without paying the 40% mandated taxes imposed on every litre and OMC buys from BDC by Government.

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Last year November for instance, Gulf Energy which has less than 5 fuel stations operating in its name bought over 25 million litres of fuel from its Sister Company Lemla which was more than what big OMCs Like Shell And Total bought.

The question on the minds of Ghanaians is, how is Gulf Oil which has less than 5 fuel stations able to buy over 25 million litres when Shell With over 150 stations nationwide was buying less ?

Was Gulf Energy in collaboration with Lemla which all belongs to Richard King Atipko laying taxes or they were not ?

How The Cartel Operates

Revealing how the cartels operates, Kevin Taylor went further to states that, the system at the various ports of Ghana are so compromised by the Atipko guy to the extent that trackers are not even kept on the tankers which loads fuel from the port in his company’s name.

They do so in collaboration with customs and other security companies stationed at the various points of collection at the port.

After getting these fuels that they do not pay the 40% taxes on, the fuels are transported to a storage yard in Kpone and Ashaiman and that is where the black market begins.

Smaller fuel stations like GoodLife then goes to Gulf Energy to buy the fuels at ridiculously cheaper prices to sell.

Such prices are reflected at the pump.

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For instance at the point Shell, Goil, Total were selling a litre for over 5 cedis, GoodLife was selling its own around 4 cedis because Gulf oil sold them their smuggled oil at cheaper prices without paying the 40% taxes.

These dubious deal has cost Ghana over 30 Million cedis in taxes in the last 1 years.

The ongoing thievery by Richard Atipko who is also a council of state member for the Oti Region is not only denying Ghana its revenue, but it’s leading to the big Omcs struggling to make sales.

Mini fuel stations who buys from these Omcs are no longer doing business with them because they buy from Atikpo and his guys who are selling at cheaper prices because they smuggled the oil and didn’t pay taxes.

Documents showing how much oil Gulf Energy has lifted in the last one year against that of the multinational Omcs is captured in the images loaded below.

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