The Sawla Division of the Ghana Police Service in the Savannah Region have shot dead two suspected armed robbers while the other accomplices escaped during a shootout with the Police in Kalba, this dawn, Sunday, December 12, 2021.

According to the Police, they received a distress call about a robbery attack at Weichao and responded by quickly moving to the area the robbery attack was taking place.

According to them, upon reaching the area and by the help of some members of the community, they pursued the armed robbers who were on motorbikes trying to run away from the Police.

They were reported to have engaged the police in a shootout, which led to the death of two of them.

Other members of their gang were reported to have managed to escape through the bushes.

Inspections carried out by the police on the bodies of the two led to the discovery and retrieval of a Covid-19 vaccination card bearing the name Usif Bolil aged 20.

While the two bodies have been takien to the Damongo Hospital Morgue for preservation, identification and autopsy, the police have quickly constituted a search team tasked to get the other members of the robbery gang who have managed to escape.

The team, in partnership with chiefs and members of the community are poised to get the rest of the armed robbers soon.


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