Jennifer Oforiwaa Queen, a Deputy Director of Communications for the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) has urged the Akufo-Addo-led NPP administration to take steps that will ensure that at least 5 former appointees of the NDC administration who were engaged in corrupt deals are jailed.

According to her the National Communication Officer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Lawyer Sammy Gyamfi has always been making wild allegations aimed at making government unpopular.

In a Facebook post, Jennifer Queen stated that Sammy Gyamfi’s unnecessary attacks, allegations and insults on the Akufo-Addo-led NPP government is too much to tolerate.

She believes that when at least five appointees of the Mahama-led NDC administration are jailed for engaging in corrupt deals, Sammy Gyamfi will learn to keep his mouth shut.

She went ahead to urge the leaders of her party, the New Patriotic Party, to do what is expected of them by jailing some NDC appointees as a way of taming their National Communication Officer.

Her post was in reaction to the recent press conference of the National Democratic Congress during which Lawyer Sammy Gyamfi made bold and daring statements to counter claims by the NPP in their recent press conference.

During the press conference, Sammy Gyamfi listed several corruption scandals that has engulfed the Akufo-Addo- led NPP administration and went further to indicate the ones that the President himself, Vice President and other key Government Official were heavily involved in.

“Ghanaians have also not forgotten about the PPA “Donkomi” Contracts for sale scandal in which the then Chief Executive Officer of the Public Procurement Authority, Mr. A.B Adjei and his agents were caught on tape selling government contracts that had been awarded by certain Ministries and government agencies to his private company, Talent Discovery Limited in flagrant disregard for the Public Procurement Act. Indeed, investigations conducted by the Commission of Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) revealed that Mr. A.B Adjei siphoned and stashed millions of Ghana cedis totaling over GHc34 million (i.e 340 billion old cedis) into his personal bank account, the source of which he could not explain or justify,” Sammy Gyamfi stated during the press conference.

He also indicated that, “we have not forgotten how President Akufo-Addo after appointing dozens of his family relatives including his own daughter and “Baby Mama” into key positions in his government, went ahead to give the Duty Free Shop and CIP lounge at Terminal 3 built by the visionary Nation Builder, John Dramani Mahama to his daughter, Valerie Obaze and the wife of his cousin and Executive Secretray, Nana Asante Bediatuo and a daughter of his Personal Assistant Saratu Atta, in breach of the Public Procurement Act. Today, these cash cows that should have generated funds for the Ghana Airport Company to pay back the loan they contracted to build terminal 3 and to improve the financial health of the company have been given to cronies of the President, while the GACL is starved of funds to even pay the welfare and retirement benefits of their workers.”



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