Franklin Coudjoe and Kofi Bentil, President and Vice President respectfully of IMANI Africa, has blasted the Electoral Commission of Ghana for the in manner in which the Commission is handling the post election developments in the country.

There has been several demonstrations in the country after the declaration of the presidential results by the Electoral Commissioner. Many, especially the NDC supporters, strongly believed that there has been voter fraud during the election. There has also been serious controversies about who actually won the Techiman South Constituency parliamentary elections as indicated in our earlier reports.

In a series of Facebook post, both Franklin Coudjoe and Kofi Bentil expressed their anger and dissatisfaction with the “I don’t care” style adopted by the EC in handling the post election issues that are threatening the peace of the nation.

On his side, Franklin Coudjoe, suggested that it is necessary for the EC to properly collate the results of the Techiman South parliamentary elections. This, he said must be done in the presence of the media, so all Ghanaians can witness the truth about the disputed Techiman South parliamentary results. “It looks as if it is not only the physical bodies of the EC commission that are going on leave, their minds have gone ahead of them. Unbelievable,” he went ahead to state.

Kofi Bentil also shared the disappointment already expressed by Franklin Coudjoe, the President of the think tank he serves as the vice president.

In a series of Facebook posts, Kofi Bentil seems to have indirectly suggests that the NDC won the Techiman South parliamentary seat, but the EC rather declared the NPP parliamentary candidate the winner. According to him, when a case is sent to the chief’s palace and the verdict keeps delaying, it simply means the powerful party in the dispute is guilty.

He also expressed worries over why the Electoral Commission would go on leave at this crucial period when the fraught Techiman South parliamentary election over which people have died is still outstanding.
He also questioned the fate of the Guans who have not been able to vote in the recently held Ghanaian Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

According to Kofi Bentil the real “definition of irresponsible Is when the core of your duty is in serious question and the nation is reeling from your failures, but you abandon post saying you’re taking a leave…”.

Their comments followed the unexpected leave that has been given to Electoral Commission officials in the country at a period when their services are needed the most. Many Ghanaians also took to their social media pages and radio stations to express the reason for this line of action by the Electoral Commission.



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