Minister-Designate for Lands and Natural Resources Hon Samuel Abu Jinapor has revealed that he will continue to respect former President John Dramani Mahama despite the fact they belong to different political parties.

He disclosed while taking his turn at the vetting that he will accord him the necessary courtesies if not for anything at all but the office he occupied.
Reacting to allegations of disrespect towards the former President during the Damba celebrations in 2019, the former Deputy Chief of staff said it was propaganda fueled by his political opponents in the run up to the 2020 polls.

“Mr. Chairman say that the allegation and this claim was an allegation which was waged extensively and vigorously in the run-up to the 2020 campaign in my constituency, it was run by opponent; we all do know the influence former President Mahama wields in the Savannah Region, that is not in doubt, that is not in doubt because that is his home Region but ..

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“So is it only politically expedient for one to say this person is against president Mahama or this person has insulted President Mahama and it is always for political gains and this is a public hearing and there are a lot of things I can’t say on this platform”.

“Anytime I see President Mahama, I will rise on his side today, I will rise on his side tomorrow; if not for nothing at all for the Office he occupied”.

“President Mahama, I’m sure would attest to that he knows I respect him so much. Mr. Chairman, people say all kinds of things trust me with the greatest of respect. I create your indulgence that people see all kinds of things. It Is unfortunate I have to be answering some of these”.

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