Professor Ransford Gyampo, a Political Science lecturer at the University of Ghana, has reacted to the recent comments from the Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Mr. James Oppong-Boanuh in relation to the recent Korle Bu bullion van daylight robbery.

The manner in which the daylight robbery that took the lives of a policeman and one other civilian happened, generetad a public uproar.

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Most Ghanaians took to their social media handles to express their disappointment in our current level of insecurity as a country.

The question at the lips of many is that, “if the security services in the country cannot protect their own selves, who will protect the ordinary citizen?”

Reacting to these views from Ghanaians, the IGP revealed that they are doing everything possible to protect the people of Ghana.

He went further to state that, “there is no society in the world where there is no crime. Even in the USA, UK and Sweden, where they, more or less have everything, they still have crime. The only place that doesn’t have crime is heaven and we are not in heaven.”

His comments were not taken lightly by Ghanaians as most of them, through radio, TV, print media, online portals & social media, lambasted the IGP for such comments at this period when the nation has been thrown into a state of fear and insecurity.

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Reacting to the IGP’s comments, Prof. Gyampo took to his Facebook page to express his disappointment in Mr. James Oppong-Boanuh.

According to Prof Gyampo, “the IGP must learn the act of communication, particularly in times of sorrow. We need no soothsayer to tell us we are not in heaven.”

He went ahead to stress on the need for the IGP to learn the art of public speaking and be politically smart in his utterances.

“Actually he must retire,” he concluded.



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