Mr. Kofi Bentil, a Senior Vice President and Policy Analyst with Imani Ghana has disclosed that government’s communication in support of the controversial E-levy seems to suggest that they have mismanaged the economy.

According to him, it appears that without E-levy, Ghana’s economy will crash and we will have to go back to the Internal Monetary Fund (IMF).

According to him, instead of using ten million to study the obvious problem at Keta, government should rather just use that money to start solving the problem that has bedeviled the people of Keta.

“Anyway how much land are we losing and how much will it cost to purchase that size of land ??? Note that we’ve spent over $50 million on this issue with little result. We could have purchased new land with that.”

He further stated that “there is no good reason to use 241 million to monitor E-levy while that amount can be well used to support the budget in order to scrap the E-levy.

Mr. Kofi Bentil insisted that the E-levy government is so determined to impose on Ghanaians doesn’t need any special monitoring.

He added that if it becomes necessary, then GRA can do it and not any third party company.

“It’s already in a very well structured and formalized system. This approach of making every problem an opportunity for cronyism should stop,” he stated.

“…And please let me hear you on how to cut waste and profligacy before you ask me to pay more tax. According to Prof. Bopkin Exemptions alone can make us gain 1 Billion. Stop the waste!, Mr. Bentil stated.

His comments came after details identified in the controversial 2022 Budget Statement and Economic Policy, have revealed that a colossal GH¢242 million, has already been set aside to pay for e-Transaction Levy Services from the expected GH₵6.9 billion mentioned in the 2022 Budget Statement by Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta.

The levy, which will come into effect on February 1, 2022, is a charge of 1.75% of the value of electronic financial transactions, covers mobile money payments, bank transfers, merchant payments, and inward remittances.


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