Dwellers of Fumeve in the Volta Region have reported that a 50-year-old man has lost his life during week’s storm surge.

The man identified as Akpalogo Amevornyagbo who’s a fisherman and talented singer had submerged during the storm surge while returning home from the sea on a fishing exploration.

A brother of the deceased revealed that Akpalogo had been endeavoring to reach shore when the storm surge happened, capsizing his boat and drowning him.

“Reaching the seashore the tidal wave had created another channel joining the River Volta, he’s trying to cross over that small channel. At the point of crossing, he lost his life. A lively man, sociable man who is liked by many in the community…indeed it is a big loss.” he advanced

Another brother, Mawuli Awadzi expressed shock saying his brother’s death is a big blow to the community.

“There’s a singing group in the community and he’s one of the lead singers. People love him and we know we have lost an asset,” he said.

Meanwhile, residents of Fumeve are still rassling with the ruination left in the happening of the storm surge.

It was estimated that About 200 homes have been ruined and close to 4,000 persons displaced in the process.

The Coordinator of the Volta Tidal Wave Relief Fund (VTWRF), Mawuko Afadzinu says there are punitive measures in place to rebuild some social amenities that were damaged.

The VTWRF made up of some preeminent Ghanaians who hail from the Volta Region with the support of corporate Ghana on Sunday provided affected persons with more relief items.

Source: InsiderGH.com


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