Reports from local media available to indicates that FIFA, the world’s football governing body, has thrown away South Africa’s petition against Ghana.

As indicated by our earlier reports, the South African Football Association (SAFA) has dragged the Ghana Football Association (GFA) to FIFA, asking for a replay of their match against the Black Stars of Ghana.

Despite the fact that Ghana responded to the claims by the South African FA on November 20, 2021, FIFA’s official ruling is yet to be made public.

However, according to reports in the local media, FIFA has dismissed all of the petition filed by the South African FA against Ghana and the referee, and hence there will be no replay, as the South Africans were expecting.


According to officials of SAFA, they were “robbed” in their World Cup qualifications match against the Black Stars of Ghana at the Cape Coast Sports Stadium.

Former FIFA referee Andile “Ace” Ncobo’s report was among the documents sent to the world federation by SAFA.

According to Ncobo, 90.9 percent of Ndiaye’s incorrect decisions, of which there were an unusually high number, went against Bafana.

He claims that this proves the game was “illegally manipulated” and that the 1-0 win for Ghana should be declared null and void under Fifa rules.

The GFA responded to SAFA’s petition with wild attacks and by urging FIFA to impose a huge fine on SAFA for bringing the World Cup brand and the reputation of the Blak into disrepute.



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