Youth Unemployment has come to stay in Ghana as declared by our Finance Minister. This simply means there is no hope for the poor Youth in my COUNTRY. The YEA job fair and the recent security recruitment scam has deeply exposed government’s lies about creating 2million jobs while the total unemployed Youth in the country are 1.4million.

Sadly Government takes delight in this by selling recruitment forms to these same unemployed Youth by taking their 200cedis each from them. Government has since made 75million Ghana Cedis(750billion cedis) from these poor souls.

Am told the money is shared among the top hierarchy of the security services, Immigration Service, Ghana Police Service, Ghana Army, Fire Service, the Interior and defense ministry. To me all these old wicked souls don’t deserve to live. They need a mass burial as soon as possible.

These same officers will create an artificial system and their middlemen to dupe these poor unemployed souls of connection fees between 5, 000 to 10, 000 which I know some people have started paying.

Remember, this was a party that campaigned on bringing people from outside to work in Ghana Ghana will have employment deficit.

To me if you employ a trained Teacher, nurse or recruit people into the security services as a government, you have done nothing because it’s a normal responsibility of every government since Kwame Nkrumah’s time.

Government’s responsibility is to be innovative and create jobs thus why the NDC seeing the prospects in the Oil and gas industry quickly established Ghana Gas that has given employment to people like Kennedy Agyapong and Owusu Bempa today. Terminal 3 that has given employment to Nana Addo’s daughters and his concubines.

Government has the responsibility to fund beautiful business ideas of the Youth to create employment for themselves like the Youth Entreprise support to fund young entrepreneurs just as JM did. A beautiful idea which has been turned into Npp cash dash center with the name changed to NEIP.

Government has a responsibility to create jobs for the Youth thus why NDC started the National Self Help project under President Rawlings which was later renamed by President Kuffour to NYEP and now the Youth Employment Agency.

Government must be innovative to bring clean green jobs like what NDC started in Navorongo by establishing the solar project with the idea of establishing salary farms across the country which could employ thousands of the Youth.

Government has the responsibility to be innovative to tap into the social housing project that could employ thousands of our graduates, a project John Dramani Mahama proposed in his 2020 manifesto. Implementing it will solve our housing challenges and will also get a direct contracts to the solar project. The young entrepreneur who got funded by the YES project could now get the purchasing power to buy a house on credit. It’s only a government who thinks like the NDC that will think around a beautiful idea like this.

Government has the responsibility to revive the cotton industry in the Northern part of Ghana. That alone could revive our textile industry which was once the eye of Africa. Today Ghana imports cotton and it’s related product to feed our local industries. Reviving that industry could stabilize the agric and the the industrial economy at the North which is Part of the clean jobs John Dramani Mahama wanted to take up. Because that alone could cure the rural Urban drift at the North since the industry will revive the clothing industry like Bangladesh has done. Our smocks, kente and other traditional wears could be projected by our embassies to expand the market for it. That is the responsibility of a responsible Government.

Personally, I think it is not right for government officials who are paid with our taxes to think and create jobs for the Youth to come out to tell us the there is no job. In China such official would have been executed for failing their people.

It is for this reason President John Dramani Mahama wanted to create the Youth Ministry to solely take care of job creation to curb the unemployment headache on the country and not to tell the Youth Government cannot help them.

By Efo Worlanyo Tsekpo.
Bono Regional Youth Organizer.


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