Wisdom Akopia, a staff of the Electoral Commission of Ghana has been attacked by two unknown armed robbers on Friday, December 17, 2021  in Walewale in the Northern Region.

According to the account given by the victim, he saw two people who were on a motorbike but when he got closer to them, they veered into his direction.

According to him, he initially thought they were wrongfully overtaking him.

He revealed that he stopped his motorbike in the process only for the robbers to quickly attack him.

According to him, one of the robbers held his neck and hit his head for more than three times.

“I had to defend myself and so I also held his neck. The other person got down and removed his gun. I started running and I heard him say ‘shoot.’ I was fortunate that he shot my thigh,” he disclosed.

According to reports, the victim, Wisdom Akopia, is currently being treated by a traditional herbalist after allegations by his family that the Walewale Government Hospital where he first sought treatment, denied him admission.

About 12 bullets have been removed from the victim’s left tight so far. He indicated that he is likely to return soon to have the rest removed.

The Ghana Police Service have also indicated that they’re currently conducting a search to identify and arrest the two men who carried out the attack.

Source: InsiderGH.com


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