Following some social media comments about a possible Konkomba, Dagomba, and Nanumba conflict, Minister of Defense, Dominic Nitiwul, who is also the Member of Parliament (MP) for Bimbilla Constituency, led a government delegation to the Gbewaa palace in Yendi for a meeting with Yaa-Naa.

The delegation included some MPs from the Northern Region and other government officials.

In his speech at Gbewaa palace in Yendi, the Minister revealed that the government is busily chasing down the culprits of such material through the National Security Ministry and other security officers.

“Henceforth, anybody or group of person’s whose publications, discussions or commentary on the subject matter will seek to influence a possible conflict will be severely dealt with,” Mr. Nitiwul noted.

He further stated that “Konkombas, Dagombas and Nanumbas are brothers and have lived peacefully over the years and so any attempt to distract the peace among these people will be fiercely resisted.”

In 1994, there was a Konkomba–Nanumba conflict, which is also known as the Guinea fowl war.

It was a tribal war in Northern Ghana which was fought between the Konkomba, Nawuri, Nchumuru, and Basare tribes, versus the Nanumba, Dagomba and Gonja tribes on the other side.

The basis of the war were tribal claims over land ownership.

At least 1000 and as many as 2000 people were killed during the conflict, while 150,000 people were displaced as part of the dispute.

The Rawlings government was able to slow the conflict by pouring hot water on them during the fight, eventually leading to much of the conflict being resolved towards the end of 2015.



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