As the tenure of the late Former President Ft. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings has been touted to stand for probity, accountability and justice, the Head of Department of History, University of Cape Coast, Professor De-Valera Botchway says the late president should be credited for allowing Ghana experience a new form of republicanism during his tenure in power.

According to him, the late president Rawlings, just like several other African leaders at the time could have defiled all odds to remain in power for a longer period of time and not allow democracy work in the country.

Speaking on the ATLANTIC WAVE on Thursday as the nation pays tribute to the Former President, Prof. Botchway indicated that his willingness to allow systems work in the country at that time is worth mentioning.

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“We must understand that Rawlings was someone who was willing and ready to allow systems to work when the people demanded that certain things should be done to reconfigure the national system. He should be credited for allowing Ghana to experience another form of Republicanism. Rawlings could have opted just like other autocrats to manipulate the constitution to remain in power for a long time but he didn’t do that”, he noted.

Prof. Botchway further stated that irrespective of the flaws in his governance, Rawlings taught Ghanaians the principle of self-reliance. He went on to urge African leaders to take lessons from the life and experiences of Rawlings to help them develop the continent.

“African leaders should pay attention to Rawlings, study his life, take lessons from where he succeeded in their own opinion and the places that he didn’t succeed they should draw lessons and not repeat those. If they do that they will be able to navigate their countries very well,” he said.

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