Founder and Leader of the All Peoples Congress (APC) Hassan Ayariga who has been infected by the deadly COVID-19 virus in under life support.

According to reports, the 2020 Presidential candidate is currently in the Intensive Care Unit of a health facility (Name Withheld) battling for his health.

Hassan Ayariga is said to be battling for his life and has since organized for his own supply of oxygen to keep him alive.

Meanwhile, reports say he has regretted not taking the COVID-19 vaccine and has described the condition as “it’s like someone is suffocating you”.

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“Ghana is the first country to take the vaccine, the president went and they gave him malaria vaccine and you call it corona vaccine, that was not corona vaccine. I’m sure he took malaria vaccine, that’s politics for you,” he claimed.

“You see, we Africans we are dumb! A white man will never give you something good first when it is too good before himself, never. They have produced all those vaccines.

Tell me, how many of these white countries have started taken the vaccine. Is it similar to what you are taking, they are testing their own and they are killing you,” he added.


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