The Communication Officer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Hohoe constituency, Prosper Kumi, has reacted to recent news making rounds that Railway Minister and MP for Hohoe, John Peter Amewu, has made pronouncements that the NPP will add more to the Hohoe Parliamentary seat in the Volta Region.

Below is his write up in response to Hon. Peter Amewu’s interview;

Pride keeps even kings on the ground. Hon. John Pierre may be enjoying that honourable title undeservingly, but these are some of the ugly outcomes of a typical African politics.

Who is not aware of the numerous arm twisting that gave the NPP the Hohoe seat? Who is not aware of the excess abuse of power by the NPP government and the biased Jean Mensah led electoral commission.

The denial of the people of SALL from participating in the Parliamentary elections in their mother Constituency; Hohoe. Is Hon. John Pierre still counting on this undemocratic agenda to make any impact for him in the 2024 elections? Never again.

Who is not aware of the extreme hype he received. Things he had no idea about were all accredited to him. The Municipal assembly did no project that was not accredited to Hon. John Pierre.

Urban road projects established since 2015 became his initiative, the Wembley astroturf was no more Zongo community project, it was the well defined conman, Amewu who brought the idea up and lobbied for it, the hydro project at Alavanyo became his baby when we all know the history behind that project.

Your victory as MP is as a result of a well coordinated lies, propaganda, manipulation by the EC and the use of extravagance to influence people. Such victories do not last beyond one term.

So, Hon. John Pierre think that things will remain same with backdoor manipulations of the Electoral processes? Nooo, power is never one sided. There will be clean elections in 2024 in Hohoe, there he will see his smoothness level.

I am reliably aware of the fact that dispite the extravagant show of tax payers money, busing of people from all areas in Ghana and Togo to vote for him, deployment of intimidating tactics against his own people, he still have to rely on electoral compromises to get to where he is now.

I am not too sure, Hon is really convinced and happy with how he achieved that title. But, that is African politics for you. Hohoe Constituency NDC people are Africans too and we all will go the African way to see if he will not be a one term MP.

When elders of the house refuse to play their neutral roles and ganged against the other child for you to win, you call that an achievement? Wait until the tables turn and you will understand what unfairness does to great achievers.

Hon. John Pierre should understand that he will not meet a compromised system in our party for him to walk over again.

We will prepare and wait for you, bring more of the money, a borrowed and stolen seat can only survive for a term.

You have not consolidated your home, yet your target is other Constituencies.

I am not too sure NPP as a political party understand the number of parliamentary seats they lost in pursuit of one. But, how is that my headache.

All Die be Die people survived the 2016 elections, the Do or Die ones will also survive the 2024 elections. The wrong will be corrected in the Hohoe Constituency.



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