An Ak-47 weapon which was snatched from a police officer by some unknown criminals in Bolgatanga, the Upper East Regional capital, has been abandoned in a garden.

The Ak-47 rifle with number GHGPUERRHQOPS190017 was snatched by unknown criminals from a police officer on night duty at Fire service snap check point.

On Sunday May 2, 2021, the District Day Patrol team received calls to the effect that the snatched Ak-47 rifle was abandoned in a garden at Daporetindogo, a suburb of Bolgatanga.

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The Day Patrol Team quickly moved to the scene retrieve the rifle with 10 rounds of ammunition.

According to informations reaching or desk at, several unregistered motorcycles avoid passing through the check point because most of such motorcycles were smuggle into the region or were stolen.

Policemen in the district however took several measures to deal with the situation. They therefore divided themselves into two to cover the Bongo road junction which is known for such notorious acts.

According to information gathered by, whiles there on his evening duty, nice people on unregistered motor bikes pulled up and the officer on duty stopped them for checking as usual.

Suddenly, one of the nine people managed to snatch the gun, which was having 10 rounds of ammunition, from the officer.

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The police officer on duty quickly called his colleague to inform them about what happened.

Their efforts to get the unknown “criminals” who snatched the gun proved futile.



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