The Member of Parliament for Sagnarigu who is also the Spokesperson for the Minority, A. B.A. Fuseini contested the statement of their General Secretary Asiedu Nketiah, that they are yet to decide the leaders of the minority caucus.

A leader cannot be chosen and imposed on the Minority without informing them. They have a very strong confidence in the current leadership in Parliament, and no need to change them. He argued the statement (on Asempa yesterday) in an interview about the chaotic happenings in the Minority side in parliament.

According to him, the Minority Caucus and the leadership of the party met and selected the leaders among themselves. There is no need to go through such process again. May be the General Secretary may forget but so far as he is concerned, that decision was taken long ago.

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In addition, he said his fellow members can attest to the fact that, they all met and brought finality to selection of leaders. He said any attempt to impose any leader on them will not work. He said they the members of the caucus has to vote and decide on who leads them in parliament, with the supervision of the Party Executives, as wells as in consultation with all Regional Caucus Leaders of the Minority.

In his views, the incidence and backlashes on the minority cannot be seen as a vote of no confidence in their leadership. Even though their recent actions in parliament are regrettable, and apologized to the rank and file of the party, on behalf of the MPs on their side. Moving forward they need to thread consciously.

Again, he emphatically made the point that, in every institution, there are misunderstandings and challenges within, but this cannot be equated to crises. He said the minority is not in shambles but rather the “visionless” and the NPP government witch lost “direction” is rather in crises and needs to be kicked out of government.

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Moreover, he could not find logic in the reasoning of some people that, the resignation of Okudjeto Ablakwa from the Appointment Committee, to mean the NDC lost direction. He said there are about more than 30 committees in Parliament and resigning from one of them cannot be the bases of drawing such flawed conclusion.

He made the record straight by reiterating that, the Minority is solid and very strong than before. You may be unhappy with some decisions of the leaders, but they all come together to push the party forward. He said they are in a good capacity to hold the government accountable and responsible to the people.


The General Secretary of the NDC, Johnson Asiedu Nketiah in an interview with Citi Television, made the impression that they are yet to determine the leaders of their MPs in Parliament. He said in after every election, the party meets with the MPs on their side to select the leaders for the Caucus.

This year, due to the election petition, they wanted to concentrate, and after the case is done, they will make such decision. He further said that, if a person is in a position that is temporary, he is unable to perform effectively, unless he is reaffirmed again. Before the recess is over, the decision will be made on the leadership.

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Member of Parliament for North Torngu, Samuel Okudjeto Ablakwa in consultations with the Speaker of Parliament resign from the Appointment Committee of Parliament. The reasons are “personal” and on “principles”. This sparked a lot of reactions among the citizens and supporters of their party, People are inferring, that there is a fire on the mountain.

All this revolves around the approval of all the NPP ministers and the recent approval of the Finance Minister. The number of threats, and noise made to disqualify some ministers, all fail and brought shame and misunderstanding among them.

Source: Lord Celibate

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