Alliance for Social Equity and Public Accountability (ASEPA), one of the most vibrant anti-corruption Civil Societies in Ghana has hinted of a demonstration against the proposed Electronic Transactions Levy in the 2022 Budget.

This was revealed by their Executive Director, Mr. Mensah Thompson, in a Facebook post.

Mr. Mensah Thompson believes that this year’s budget shouldn’t be business as usual because the people of Ghana are relying on the Minority for redemption and this time they cannot disappoint.

According to him, government has “run numbers on Momo transactions for 2021, realized Momo transactions for 2021 hit GHC900billion, calculated 1.75% of the 900billion which will give them about GHC15.5billion annually and boom, e-transaction tax was born.”

He revealed that Government did not carefully think about how this new 1.75% tac will impact on the economy.

“Just recently, Ghana Revenue Authority has gone digital, introducing an online platform to pay taxes in a convenient manner without having to travel to their offices. Now we are going to be paying taxes on our taxes when paying our taxes online and this would eventually dampen government revenue efforts,” he lamented

According to him, the new tax means that now it is going to be more expensive to send money online to your supplier than to travel all the way from Accra to Kumasi and back, the market would respond to this new threat appropriately.

He further stressed that not only did Government NOT think through this tax, they also failed to engage the stakeholders in the e-transaction business.

“They failed to engage the experts and market analysts as well, after running the nominal numbers they should have ran the numbers on the impact of this levy as well to ascertain the overall net impact on the economy but obviously they were in a hurry to tax us to death, they didn’t have the time to think,” he stated.

In a different post via his official Facebook page, Mr. Mensah Thompson hinted that No Momo Tax Demo is loading.



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