The hot slap visited on the faces of the Hohoe constituents by Honourable Elvis Afriyie Ankrah on Monday 7th March, 2022 can be said to be justifiable.

The former Minister revealed certain truths about the party, NDC and urged members to make amends to building a formidable front towards recapturing power and the Hohoe Parliamentary seat in 2024.

According to the Elections Director, the constituency was fertile enough to whisk the seat back from the NPP if Constituents put aside parochial interest and uphold party ideals.

This he said when he was submitting on his turn during a capacity building workshop for party Communicators at the Grassroots.

The event organized by the Communication outfit earmarked to be replicated at the Branch level of the Hohoe Constituency saw in attendance party big-wigs such as Elvis Afriyie Ankrah, Solomon Nkansah, Siki Abibu, Mawutor Agbavitor among others.

It was clear in the minds, and was underscored by Ankrah’s speech on the day that negligence and betrayal on the part of some party faithfuls tossed the age-long NDC seat in Hohoe into the hands of the NPP.

Elvis was blunt and blank about the hard truth that the NDC could only be relevant when members show their utmost loyalty coupled with hard work in the Constituency. Though sharp and piercing, the words of the former Presidential Staffer were applauded and embraced by all and sundry therein gathered.

He added that the party would pray for nothing like coup de’tat in Ghana rather the Akuffo Addo-led Government, economically mismanaged by a one-time touted economic messiahs – Veep Bawumia and Honourable Ofori Atta would stay and clean their mess shamefully before the 2024 Elections. Moreover, the party is peace loving and democratic and so would be the last to endorse the overthrow of the Rawlings’ championed 4th Republic.

To end his speech, he sent a strong warning to the grassroot communicators that they should to beef up their communication skills for victory 2024 as it was the new paradigm in party politics.

Additionally, other speakers like Solomon Nkansah buttressed the assertion of the other speakers and mentioned paradoxically that the Branch is the root of the NDC. He therefore admonished the Branch Communicators to see themselves as activists for power amidst loyalty and dedication.

The former National Communication Officer patiently schooled the participants on some strategic communication modules and established that research, discipline and credibility were some of the cardinal pillars of any effective communication machinery

The big question is, “Were the speakers fair?” They could only be wrong if their assertions had not been evident in the 2020 Elections. By this, Hohoe constituents of the NDC are grateful rather for the honouring of the programme by such party stalwarts, and even would pray National for more of such support as it so energizing.


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