It has emerged that the Ghana Power Generation Company ( GPGC) has at a point in time used the address of Former Deputy Attorney General, Dr. Dominic Ayine’s law firm.

According to reports, the GPGC at a point used the address of Ayine and Felli law firm, a firm that belongs to Dr. Dominic Ayine.

According to Lawyer Edudzi Kudzo Tameklo, a Legal practitioner who works at the firm, there were certain circumstances that led to a situation where the law firm of Dr. Dominic Ayine, was involved with GPGC, the company that has recently won a $170m judgment debt against Government of Ghana.

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According to Edudzi, the GPGC was at a point being represented by a lawyer with Ayine and Felli law firm and that as is usually the practice with foreign companies that seek to establish in Ghana, they initially use the address of their legal representatives till they get their own address.

“Usually when companies, especially foreign companies come and they want to set up and they need lawyers services… at that time they may not have a registered address,” he stated.

“At that time they use that of the law office and you can ask lawyers who are practicing and serve clients who come from outside, they will tell you this, beyond that nothing more, nothing less,” he stressed.

“It is important to rightly point out that if you look at the 23rd February 2018 letter written by Minister Boakye Agyarko communicating the decision by the government of President Akufo-Addo to terminate the power purchase agreement, if you look at the address end of the letter you will notice that it was not addressed to the office of Ayine and Felli.”

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“It was addressed to of Puma Energy, their office at airport area,” he stated.

According to Edudzi, Dr Dominic Akurutinga Ayine, who at that time was the deputy Attorney General was never an officer of the company at the time that it was dealing with the Ghana Power Generation Company.


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