Information available to shows that developers of a luxurious 15-storey building in the plush Airport City of Accra have been ordered by Government to remove the building.

According to reports, Government indicated that they were caught completely off guard by the 15-storey tower & have given the order for the plush tower to be demolished.

A tweet by Mr. Bright Simons, the Vice President in charge of research at Policy think thank, IMANI Africa, also affirmed the reports available to

According to him, “the city government of Accra says they were caught completely off guard by this 15-storey tower in the plush airport district of the city. They have informed the developers to remove it quickly because according to their cadastral records, it isn’t supposed to be there.”

However, some Ghanaians on social media have been reacting to news about the order from government for the Tower to be demolished.

Below are some of such reactions;



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